Meet The Owners

Have a chance to read and understand the journeys of our two owners; childhood friends, James Fanning and Ben Mortin. 
See how they made the journey from the same nursery, to the same business.


James Fanning


Ben Mortin

James studied in Hertfordshire up until 18 years of age, where he achieved 4 A-Levels in Psychology, Philosophy & Ethics, Physical Education and Photography. James then moved to Leeds for where he studied to be, and graduated as, a specialist inclusive educator. He has worked in 6 different schools in Hertfordshire and Yorkshire, both primary and secondary. 

James' expertise lie in business to business communication, company development and new client recruitment. 

Ben spent the first 18 years of his life studying in Hertfordshire where he achieved 3 A-Levels in Maths, Politics and Psychology. Ben then moved to Leicester to study criminology and is now pursuing his career.

Bens expertise lie in directing the company in the right direction, ensuring all services are being delivered to the top standard we promise and ensuring the positive nature and morale of our staff is maintained at all times.


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